On-site and year-round commercial growing solutions with none of the work

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Are your food sources sustainable or year round?

Do you have spare parking/land going unused?

Do you have on-site food stalls/restaurant/food trucks?

Do you want to help fix the broken food supply system?

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Shipping Container Farm

Restaurants I Hotels I Food Destinations I Distributors

City Farm AgriTech Solutions

With a focus on technology innovation and real world operational experience, we have the expertise and vendor/supplier network to guide your organization into joining the 21st Century local food revolution.

We perform the following services in this area:

  • Solution Delivery: Solution Design/Build Management, Delivery, Setup and Training

  • Turnkey:  Solution Design/Build Management, Delivery, Setup + Outsourced Daily Operations and Maintenance

  • Support: Optional Support and Maintenance packages for non Turnkey Solutions

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Commercial grower aspirations?

Interested in starting your own commercial city farm. Not sure where to start? We can help.


If you are interested in starting a commercial city farm, whether it's a shipping container, warehouse, hoop house, greenhouse, basement or spare bedroom, we have the resources and experience to help you make an informed decision and wade through all the nuances and pitfalls in the controlled climate agriculture industry. While technology has greatly advanced in the last decade, there are a lot of return on investments models and other information out there that is very difficult to make sense of and wrap your arms around.  

Learn more about the challenges we and other indoor urban growers face with city, county, and state zoning and building regulations along with the daily challenge of creating a perfect climate and replicating the sun without breaking the bank on electricity usage.  Growing is only half the battle as you will need to understand the "business" aspects of running a commercial urban farm such as managing employees, financials, accounting, marketing/social media, sales, and delivery/pickup logistics.

We perform the following services in this area:

  • Initial Consult Q&A 1 hour - REMOTELY only by phone - $149

  • Initial Consult Q&A 1 hour - onsite at Brick Street Farms inclusive of farm technology tours and hands on information gathering - $349/hour

  • Each additional hour of general consulting (REMOTE only by phone or video chat)- $99/hour

  • Each additional hour of hands on consulting onsite at Brick Street Farm - $149/hour